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IndigoSummer's own Manageress, Ivancica Smith, is an accomplished and talented singer, too. IndigoSummer Artist Management is naturally delighted and proud to be managing her singing career as well. Although she is no longer performing actively, she is available as a soloist (with or without her accompaniment) for special events and functions. For information about repertoire, rates and availability, use the contact form and we will respond immediately.

Ivancica started singing when she was four years old. Her favourite tune was "La Habanera" from "Carmen". She would ride her rickety bicycle through her neighbourhood, one hand high up in the air, the other one holding the handle bar, singing from the top of her voice...

Her Mum used to say she sings wonderfully but it was strenuous to listen to her... (Her mother was an overworked, exhausted single mother of three young children, always on the verge of poverty, and had little or no patience for, or understanding of music.)

Music carried Ivancica through the horrors of the war raging through her country, and through everyday struggles. She never stopped singing and, many years later, when she embarked on her solo career, she was reminded by her then colleagues and friends of her singing moments and the joy it brought to them.

It was only in 2011, when a new abode meant new neighbours, that she reluctantly took upon singing again. She joined a local choir and tortured herself trying to sing the alto part. When she eventually moved to the soprano section, her voice sang full of joy. Various workshops and courses followed, further strengthening her voice and her self-confidence. She started working with a vocal trainer who saw great potential in her, training her for the stage. Her debut concert was cancelled after her mother had suffered a stroke. Ivancica was so greatly affected that she simply lost her voice for over a year after that.

Occasional rehearsals and workshops led to the introduction to another great vocal teacher, through whom Ivancica found her voice again, and not only that, she discovered a new beauty and strength in her voice.

Various performances as a choir singer followed, notably Kodály's Missa Brevis at the Bonner Münster Cathedral and Mozart's Requiem with Matt Finch in December 2020, as well as some smaller concerts.

In 2014, Ivancica founded her own women's choir, the VocaBelles, with whom she celebrated many successes. She managed all the aspects of the choir management up until October 2016, when she parted ways with VocaBelles and embarked on the career as soloist. She had a few engagements when she crossed path with the young Romanian jazz singer who was to become her first signed artist, and IndigoSummer Artist Management was born. How the story continues, you can find out here >>> 

Since starting the agency and due to other life events, there was not much time left for the pursuit of her own singing career. Ivancica still trains her voice every day and is planning on continuing with her various singing projects (Adele's Songbook, Croatian love songs) but nowadays, the focus is on the agency itself.

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